Today is June 20, 2024
Today is June 20, 2024

Types of Grants


Site-focused grants support projects that are implemented in priority or environmentally critical sites, which are selected by FPE from the list of the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Priority-setting Program, which FPE took part in developing. The goal of site-focused projects is mainly to empower and enable organized communities to undertake biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource management initiatives in these sites.


Proactive grants support projects that aim for a broader, more strategic impact on the major environmental actors and issues in the country. Conceptualized by FPE, proactive projects have a broad coverage, either regional or national, and may be implemented by a single NGO or, if the scope is nationwide, by an NGO coalition or consortium.


Competitive grants are open to organizations that are not implementing site-focused or proactive projects

The abovementioned project types may be small, medium and large grants, depending on the amount of the funding assistance needed from FPE. Proactive and competitve proposals may also be classified under any of the strategic focus, depending on what the projects intend to employ.

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