Today is June 20, 2024
Today is June 20, 2024

Grants Strategies

The National Environmental Agenda developed in 2005 serves as the overarching framework of FPE's grant strategies. Five strategies within this framework ensure that civil society, PO, and local community partners will be able to effectively undertake conservation initiatives and address environmental concerns. FPE considers funding projects that may fall in any of the CARES strategies which stand for Constituency Building, Advocacy, Research, Environmental Defense, and Sites.

Constituency Building

To build the capabilities of partners to help them become stable organizations technically equipped in BCSD.

Priority Projects
  • Natural resource management
  • Organizational development and management
  • Advocacy and alliance building
  • Environmental defense
  • Resource mobilization
  • Project development, monitoring and evaluation

  • To support the advocacy initiatives of NGOs and POs on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.
  • To support the establishment and strengthening of coalitions of NGOs and POs among indigenous peoples, tri-people (Christian, Muslim, Indigenous Peoples), farmers, fishers, youth, women, academe, and professionals.
  • To facilitate links between national and international civil society groups and local NGOs and POs needing their assistance.

Priority Projects
  • Information, education, and communication (IEC)
  • Direct action
  • Policy advocacy
  • Media advocacy
  • Budget advocacy

To generate evidence-based information needed to support and influence decision-making and direct actions on BCSD.

Priority Projects
  • Assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of the status of biodiversity-rich areas, threats, and the results of conservation efforts
  • Organizational development and management

Research grants are not available for:
  • Researches that are highly specialized or purely theoretical in nature
  • Species-focused projects
  • Research by individuals

Special Provisions
  • Proponent should have research and management capability and competency in the area being proposed, shown by its past activities or the presence of experts.
  • One-time publication or similar costs for the dissemination of information may be funded.
Environmental Defense

  • To mobilize citizen's participation in environmental paralegal action.
  • To pursue legal cases against individuals and institutions that degrade the environment.
  • To advance policy reforms on environmental protection and conservation.

Priority Projects
  • Environmental paralegal formation
  • Legal assistance
  • Legal research
  • Direct legal action*
  • Policy reform

Special Provisions for Direct Legal Action
  • An alternative law group with experience in implementing environmental defense-related projects with other stakeholders at the national and/or local levels.
  • NGO or PO with a track record of at least three (3) years in BCSD projects.
  • Any member of the Philippine Bar willing to assist communities in defending the environment.

A maximum amount of PhP 150,000 will be made available in pursuing a case.


  • To support NGOs, POs, tri-people of Mindanao, and indigenous peoples in the identified sites to enhance their capabilities in effectively managing their natural resources for sustainable development.
  • To initiate and support community-based approaches and actions for BCSD in the identified sites.
  • To support initiatives intended to create avenues for visible and swift responses to specific needs and issues and generate a deeper and wider scale of information and action (for Small Grants) and viable responses to issues and generate concrete programmatic actions preferably based on an integrated area development plan (for Medium and Large Grants).

Priority Projects
  • FPE's shortlisted sites
  • Identified special sites for conservation
  • Sites in the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Priorities Program (PBCPP) list*

*Only the conservation sites listed in the PBCPP are considered for support for medium and large grants.

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